Andrew Holt Podcast Series.

Business, Community and Environment all complement each other.  


Andrew Holt Podcast Series.

Welcome to the Andrew Holt Podcast Series I recently interviewed my good friend Kevin Rack who now resides back in his Hometown of Cape Town in South Africa.
I met Kevin in 2011 as he worked at the same Shopping Centre that I did. We became firm friends and although I never took up his offer to go camping with him, we did enjoy our chats when not serving customers. Now he is firmly entrenched in all things Ecological from being a wildlife Photographer and Videographer. He speaks the Native Tribal Languages and is a Mediator for them. His work with the Underprivileged before and after Covid is remarkable. He often goes on clean up drives along the beaches and makes people aware of the plastic problem the world is facing.
He also is involved in protests and soft confrontations with the big corporations that allow this terrible scourge of Oil and Plastic waste to occur. Join us as we discuss all these subjects and more so sit back, relax and enjoy our chat.
Check out the progress of Kevin’s good work on YouTube here:


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